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Celebrating the Joy of Giving with B1G1

From 24-30th June 2018, B1G1 have been celebrating their Joy of Giving Week (#JOGweek), and as long-term members of this charitable organization we saved up our contributions to celebrate the special occasion.


If you’re not familiar, B1G1 stands for Buy 1, Give 1. A fantastic platform that allows businesses to make real contributions to charity projects around the world, B1G1 has pledged to plant a tree for every impact made during its Joy of Giving Week, to celebrate their 11th anniversary. During this week B1G1 set their target to reach 150 million giving impacts, which they achieved on June 27th.


B1g1 Giving Pledge Joy of Giving Week


As part of Aspect’s ongoing mission to positively impact local and global communities, we donate a percentage of our profits from each project we work on to one of B1G1’s charitable causes. Our giving is generally concentrated on the issues of education, health and the environment, particularly for disadvantaged women in India – causes which are close to the hearts of our company directors Chris and Laura Frost. We provide our clients with a personalised giving certificate at the end of their project, so they can see the positive impacts which they have made.

Thanks to our clients, during the Joy of Giving week we were able to make 1,613 new impacts, bringing our total to 26,659. This was spread across a number of Indian projects, including providing a cleft palate operation to a child in need, giving 480 days of medical support to expectant mothers, providing teacher training courses, solar light for families, supporting social entrepreneurs, and providing two years of scholarship to talented and underprivileged children. Plus, 1,613 trees will be planted by B1G1 to match our giving as part of their anniversary promise. These will be spread across projects in India, Borneo, Keyna, and Daintree Forest, Australia.


During 2017 we were listed as one of B1G1’s top 100 giving businesses, and as Aspect continues to grow we’re planning on giving more than ever during 2018. To learn more about what B1G1 do, take a look at their website: 

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