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From Quotation to Installation

If you’re searching for the right flooring contractor, or have browsed our Services page and still want more information on how we approach our projects, this guide is for you. One of Aspect’s core values is clear communication, so we wanted to go into greater detail about what it’s like to work with us, from initial tender to finished installation.

Finding a Contractor

If you are looking to add new sub-contractors to your supply chain, there are a few different ways to check if the flooring contractor you want to approach is an appropriate one for your project.  Reading their services page carefully and taking a look at their project portfolio will give you a good idea of the type of projects they work on, the size, and with which materials. Flooring is a diverse sector, and as well as wood and carpet it can include ceramics, stonework, gym flooring, safety flooring, resin and screeding. You may have to consult several contractors to cover all of these different areas. If you’d like more information about the hallmarks of quality flooring contractors, we’d recommend reading our guide to choosing the right commercial flooring contractor.

We believe that it’s always worth taking the time to find the right sub-contractor, as not only will it result in an expertly-finished project with a happy client, but it can be the start of a long-term relationship with a team you can trust. Knowing that the construction industry is built on personal relationships, we’re always pleased to arrange a meeting with a main contractor’s Supply Chain Manager (or equivalent) to discuss expectations as we start working together.


First Steps

Making sure you have a full set of tender documents, including CADs, will allow us to prepare your quote in the least amount of time, but it’s never too early to get in touch if you have a new project on the horizon which you’d like our input on.

Architects’ plans are ideal, especially with the relevant areas marked up. If you don’t have plans, we will need a good estimate of the total square meterage. Whilst most contractors are happy to offer an initial site survey, they will want to get a rough idea of the size first.

This also applies to the project timeframe, and the materials you’d like for your project. All flooring contractors should be able to make appropriate product recommendations, and it’s good to know early on if you have a specific budget and product type in mind. From here we can start speaking to our suppliers and compile suitable options, based on your requirements.

At this stage we will also fill in any PQQ forms which you may have, and run any necessary financial checks. Any responsible contractor will either make sure they have credit insurance for you before starting work, or they may require payment up-front.


Tendering and Quotation

When the flooring contractor has agreed to provide you with a quote for your project, it’s on to the next stage. A site survey is always advisable - even if you have detailed drawings - as the team will need to assess the condition of the sub-floor. It’s essential to factor any sub-floor preparation into the quote; otherwise this can lead to delays and unforeseen costs later on.

Once we have all of the information and measurements we need, our estimating team can calculate the exact quantity of flooring, sub-floor preparation, and any specialist trims and finishes you might need. We use industry-specialist software to minimise wastage and keep the costs down. When we have the project programme, we can liaise with our suppliers to check that your floor finishes are in stock, with a lead time which will keep the project on schedule.

If you’re working with Aspect, you’ll receive your quote within an agreed timeframe, with transparent costing. This quote comes with all of our terms and conditions, including our payment terms. Flooring costs can change throughout the year so the quote will only be valid for the stated number of months.

Revisions, Confirmation and Placing an Order

Once you’ve got your quote, the decision is in your hands. We are used to working on projects which go through several revisions, with changes to the timetable, building layout and the products specified, so we’re happy to make adjustments to your quote. We can also create a sample box of your requested finishes and alternative options to help you make your decision. When you’re ready to go ahead, send across an order and we’ll move on to the next stage - delivery.


Project Fulfillment

When we have your order, we assign one of our project managers to see the project through to completion. This usually includes ordering the materials, organising your fitting team, and visiting site to check that each area is ready to receive the floor finish, as well as supervising the installation process. The project manager is also responsible for the health and safety standards for our projects, and will make sure that everyone on site works in a safe and considerate way that is compliant with site regulations, at all times.

Completion and Aftercare

Your project manager is also responsible for the snagging process – checking all of the small details to make sure you have a flawless installation. At Aspect we aim for all of our projects to be snag-free, but should you find something you’re concerned about, we will resolve it in a timely and efficient manner. As the project reaches completion we also compile the Operation & Maintenance documents, detailing how to take care of the new flooring and maximise its longevity.

We hope this article has given you a full insight into what you can expect from working with us on a flooring project. If you still have questions, take a look at our guide to choosing the right commercial flooring contractor, browse our project gallery, or feel free to get in touch.

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